Canlas Ellis, LLC | Attorneys of Louisiana & Texas

In 2002, the law firm of Canlas-Ellis was formed with one simple mandate; to provide the best practical solutions for our clients.

Guided by that mandate, the firm has since represented hundreds of clients of various interests, from the City of New Orleans to individual claims for personal injury.  Individual clients have individual needs, which is why we continue to provide unique solutions tailored to meet each client’s goals and expectations.

Mr. Canlas and Mr. Ellis have a combined total experience of over thirty years of trial practice, with hundreds of cases tried and taken to verdict both in open court, and through the appellate processes in Louisiana and Texas.  Their experience also covers both state and federal courts.

The practice’s areas of litigation include maritime law, long shore and harbor workers’ compensation, insurance coverage and defense, trucking and transportation, products liability, environmental, class action, criminal defense, and general counsel for several companies.

Our experience also covers extensive government law such as permitting, alcohol permits, economic development, sales tax matters, business licensing, public bidding and contracts, and formation of disadvantaged business entities.  For example, Mr. Ellis served as an Administrative Law Judge for the City of New Orleans from 2006 to 2010, presiding over administrative proceedings such as code enforcement actions, adjudication, and blight hearings.

At Canlas-Ellis, we are advocates in the truest sense of the word.  Our firm has worked with the Texas and Louisiana state governments, as well as the federal government on behalf of clients on multiple cases.  In every matter, professionalism and integrity have been integral to achieving our clients’ goals.

Additionally, some clients require counseling to start a new venture, or to grow and expand their existing business. For this, we provide a full range of services including the development of business and action plans.  Canlas-Ellis is fully capable in assisting a start-up client in developing into a multi-million dollar success story.

Where do our clients come from?

Our clients come to us based on a reputation of aggressive, effective representation and our ability to quickly respond to our clients’ needs. Our availability, affordability, and practicality set us apart from other firms, as we do not approach our clients’ matters as a typical attorney who only explains the problem, and little else.

At Canlas-Ellis, we provide the solution.

At Canlas-Ellis, we are the solution.

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