Richard P. Canlas

When you have legal matters that require extensive knowledge about complex subjects like government, business law and criminal defense, call upon the law firm of Canlas Ellis, LLC, in New Orleans, LA. Attorney Richard Canlas and partner Robert Ellis have over thirty years combined experience in these areas of law practice.

Attorney Richard Canlas

Richard was admitted in November 1997. He is Board certified criminal defense specialist. Richard is a founding member of Canlas Ellis which was formed in 2002.  Richard was admitted to the Texas State bar in November 1997.  He is board certified criminal defense specialist.

Education & Experience

Richard Canlas earned both a undergraduate degree in economics in 1994 and his Juris Doctor Law Degree at The University of Texas in 1997.


The top priority at the law firm of Canlas Ellis, LLC, is providing the best practical solutions for our clients. We understand that every client needs and deserves individual effort and attention to resolve their unique legal matters. Our record is a stellar one of success handling even extremely complex legal cases.

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Get the answers you need today; contact Canlas Ellis, LLC, in New Orleans, LA. Call Attorney Richard Canlas now, at 504-233-3711.

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