Practice Areas

Louisiana & Texas Business Litigation Attorneys

Our primary goal is to provide our clients with the best practical solutions for their individual case needs. Attorneys Richard Canlas and Robert Ellis have over thirty years of combined legal experience helping thousands of clients win their business litigation cases. We have been serving clients from Louisiana and Texas since we founded this law firm in 2011, and previously as independent attorneys and representatives of state and local government agencies.

Louisiana & Texas Criminal Defense Attorneys

Being convicted of a criminal offense comes with substantial and serious consequences. A criminal conviction can result in a stint in prison, high fines, loss of current and future employment and a tarnished reputation. For the best outcome, it’s wise to hire an experienced criminal attorneys like Richard Canlas and Robert Ellis. Even if you’re just a suspect in a crime, it’s best to consult with an attorney. Likely, law enforcement will want to interview you. Unwittingly, you may say something that can be used against you. Attorneys Richard Canlas and Robert Ellis will be by your side during police questioning to ensure that you don’t incriminate yourself.

Louisiana & Texas Government Law Attorneys

Government law is a broad area in the legal field and covers federal law, state law and local law. Within that field, attorneys Richard Canlas and Robert Ellis have years of experience in local and state law, including permits, sales tax matters, public bid and contracts, economic development and the formation of disadvantaged business entities. They have also represented local governing bodies and individual citizens in cases related to litigation, land use, municipal court prosecution, environmental law and utilities.

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