Louisiana & Texas Government Law Attorneys

Government law is a broad area in the legal field and covers federal law, state law and local law. Within that field, attorneys Richard Canlas and Robert Ellis have years of experience in local and state law, including permits, sales tax matters, public bid and contracts, economic development and the formation of disadvantaged business entities. They have also represented local governing bodies and individual citizens in cases related to litigation, land use, municipal court prosecution, environmental law and utilities.

Economic Development

Economic development in government law covers a wide array of areas, including government relations, real estate, tax and construction. As an experienced government law attorneys Richard Canlas and Robert Ellis help businesses find the best location, bid on projects and structure incentive packages. They handle all aspects of permitting, annexation, land use and entitlements. In addition, they assist clients in financing, project construction, the drafting of proposals and effective collaboration with local and state agencies. Staying in line with local and state regulations is always essential for companies.

Disadvantaged Businesses

In the arena of disadvantaged businesses, attorneys Richard Canlas and Robert Ellis of Canlas Ellis, LLC, have assisted women owned businesses, disabled veterans owned businesses and economically disadvantaged individuals. The state government and the SBA have set aside programs for disadvantaged businesses. Setting up a business entity correctly is essential to qualify for state government and SBA set aside programs. Attorneys Richard Canlas and Robert Ellis help businesses structure their entity and operate correctly. This way, those businesses can secure government related subcontracts and lucrative government contracts.

State and Local Taxes

Clients can turn to attorneys Richard Canlas and Robert Ellis for state and local tax matters. They offer advice and representation on state and local tax matters, such as sales tax, state tax audits and franchise fees. If there is a tax suit, they provide strong representation before the courts and administrative bodies. When appropriate, they will resolve tax issues in an informal setting.

Turn to attorney Robert Ellis and attorney Richard Canlas of Canlas Ellis, LLC, if you’re facing a government law issue. Their combined experience in government law is exceptional. With their assistance, you can stay in compliance with local and state agencies, resolve tax issues like sales tax and set up the proper business entity for success. Call Canlas Ellis, LLC today for a free consultation.

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